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Hire a developer in India

Our Indian structure, created in 2007, has already helped dozens of companies to find the good developers. If you need to outsource your recruitment for costs reasons or any other reason, LastShore is the partner to have. Together we will find the best candidate to realize your project. Once selected, we recruit the developer you need: he/she will be dedicated to your projects as long as you need. Under your supervision, the developer you have chosen will work full time for you, for a couple of months or for many years. Our solutions are flexible. The cost of a project when developed with offshore staff is usually halved.
Our French project management team is available to assist. Anytime during your project, don’t hesitate to ask a question: about Indian culture; how to manage a distanced developer; or anything else. Our experienced team is here to help.


All our recruitments are based on technical and logical tests

In order to always recruit the best, our recruitment process is based on technical and logical tests. We started creating our own recruitment tests more than 10 years ago. They have been tested and improved to guarantee the quality of our process. With our tests, we cannot only determine the developers with the best technical skills, but also those who are able to provide a good solution to a problem. You won’t be disappointed!

Ruby On Rails80%

We can recruit the developer you need, whatever the technology is. Our main experiences are in PHP (CodeIgniter, Zend, Falcon, Symfony…), HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, Javascript, Bootstrap, Ruby On Rails, and the very famous Prestashop, Magento, Wordpress, Drupal…

Low Cost

From 1100€ per month

From 60€ per day.

The developer works from home.

224 worked days per year.

The final price depends on the selected candidate’s experience and technology.


From 1700€ per month

From 91€ per day.

The developer works from our office in Bangalore, India.

224 worked days per year.

The final price depends on the selected candidate’s experience and technology.

Any questions?

Your most common questions about hiring a developer in India

How did we start LastShore?

Thanks to our first Indian based company,, we learned how to recruit and manage Indian developers. We achieved very good results and decided to offer the service to other companies.

Why did we choose India?

Our partner,, created a structure in India in 2007. They were looking for a web developer and could not find one in France. They travelled around the world with a technical test and got some very good results in India. They decided to stay there and opened a structure. We are now using this structure and office base.

What kind of profiles can we recruit?

We use the same technologies in India as in the rest of the world. If the technology exists and is common, we can find a developer who knows it. We can recruit any type of profile, with or without previous experiences.

It is often said that India experiences a turnover of staff, that Indian employees do not stay more than a few months in the same company. Is this rumor accurate?

Work turnover is not related to cultural habits; it is related to management strategies. In our structure, the staff turnover rate is very low. Most of our Indian colleagues recruited in 2007 are still in our company. The quality of our working environment, the type of projects we follow, the location of our offices, our attractive incomes and recurrent team-building sessions, all help us secure the loyalty of our team members. Our recruitment policy has also been carefully thought out in order to avoid a massive turnover. As much as possible, we try to avoid people who seem to be “mercenary” workers and we give priority to applicants who seem ready for a long-term commitment. Thanks to these strategies, our company is far from anything else that exists on the Indian market in terms of work turnover.

How do we work with Indian developers, especially when it comes to cultural differences?

Even more than in Europe, the key to succeeding in the Indian market most definitely comes from how you determine and manage your project. Bringing an Indian team to meet European quality standards and efficiency is a long-term goal. It needs real and lasting dedication from the teams’ management leader. We are often surprised by the technical skills of our employees; they have deep knowledge and logical reasoning skills which are as good European workers’ abilities. However, to ensure you make full use of these skills, it is crucial to be precise in the specifications of your project. You have to leave no room for doubt. Using specific project-management software, which we can provide you with, is essential. You also need to set permanent and precise controls in place throughout the whole project. This way you will be sure to make the most out of your investment and our teams.

How do we manage long-distance work, especially with such a time difference?

The time difference between Western Europe (France) and India is between 3h30 and 4h30. We try to align the working hours in our offices in India with the working hours in France. Our teams have learned to adapt their work schedule in order to have the most time in common with their client. The time difference obviously remains an issue but thanks to good project-management we have overcome this obstacle.

Is language difference an issue?

Indians speak and write perfect English. All the management of projects is in English. Your teams must have an average level of English.

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